About Us
“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things” said management guru Peter Drucker. Proctor believes that ‘efficiency’ and ‘effectiveness’ together build the covenant with success that every organization and individual strives for. So, even a small variance between the two may mean a costly disparity between your expectations and results!

Professionals skilled at their jobs are the backbone of any organization. Thus, building that backbone with the finest available resources and then ensuring that they are retained becomes an ongoing challenge for most companies. Sometimes, human resource sourcing and retention become so demanding on many organizations that the subtle shift in focus from the primary line of business to this issue remains largely unnoticed, till the pressure assumes massive proportions, eating away precious time, money and morale. We at Proctor with over a decade of experience in recruitment business and can help you to stay ahead of the curve by:

  • Making available to you the right candidates to fulfill your business needs,
  • Partnering with you in maximizing potential of your human capital
  • Optimizing your HR processes.

Over the years, we have built up strong partnerships with companies in India and across the globe. Our recruitment and sourcing acumen have helped build successful companies by aligning the best candidates with their business requirements. In fact, many of these candidates have then gone on to create their own success stories. If you are a company that believes that the sum substance of an organization is only as good as its component human entities, then we would like to work with you in realizing you human resources goals.

Our services have been developed based on international best practices and learning from thousands of assignments executed by us over the years, and are adapted to suit our clients’ businesses; be it the right talent for your organization, or a cost-effective recruitment solution or an end to end search assignment - our services are customized just for you.