Message from CEO
Value creation is an innate capability that sets human endeavour apart from all others.
We at Proctor India, have assimilated value creation into the core of our ideology of excellence, consistent innovation, expert execution and unmatched professional acumen.

As an Search Company, we believe in delivering based on this primary foundation for :

  • Our clients - by sourcing the best leadership talent.
  • Our candidates - by identifying the right company to match specific talent.

I believe that this value creation translates not only into great accomplishments but also into long-standing professional fulfillment. After all, we not only strive to move upward, we also yearn to move forward! And I am proud to say that today Proctor is a consummate expert in this domain.

A dynamic combination of our growth oriented clients, a network of candidates whom we recognize the value of, and our enthusiastic hard-working team,have formed this winning combination, that has firmly rooted Proctor in the market of talent sourcing, making us trusted partners in the business.

Proctor is committed to developing a progressive talent search facility with cutting-edge technology in Candidate identification

  • Market intelligence
  • Company performance
  • Client competitor analysis.
  • Selection techniques / Engagements models
  • testing and profiling

Our goal is to identify exceptional talent, discern information and ensure our clients needs are fulfilled. Our ethos of corporate integrity constantly inspires us to re-invent our own search processes.

Ashok Davit
CEO & Managing Director