Mission and Core Values
"Our vision is to be a globally recognized HR services provider"

Our Mission is to :

  • Empower companies with the luxury of choice and individuals with fulfilling professional opportunities
  • Provide exemplary service and execute long-standing mandates of value creation for our clients, thereby enhancing their Human Capital.
  • Leverage our strengths in sourcing to become a full service HR Consulting firm and deliver robust HR Solutions in the area of recruitment, training and outsourced HR services.
  • Enable consistent growth and provide professional satisfaction to our employees thereby ensuring rewarding careers at Proctor and first-rate service to all our clients.

Core values :

Proctor is known for continuing to adhere to and live by the core values established in its early days:

  • Knowledge
    We value wisdom. Not just the knowledge of our client’s needs, but the wisdom of where the need stems from and how it can be satisfied.
  • Service 
    Serving our clients is a core mandate. We serve with an excellence that has matured over numerous years of success in what we do. ?
  • Trust 
    We believe that trust spent is trust earned. Naturally then, we strive to build our business relationships based on the enduring value of trust.
  • Attitude of perfection 
    Perfection is the yardstick we use to measure our success. Every innovation and every mandate fulfillment that we do for our clients has this yardstick applied to it, so that you always get the best from us.

Proctor’s allegiance to these values forms the foundation of virtuosity on which our uniqueness is rooted. Since we hold value creation as a primary endeavour, adhering to these values is a constant practice at Proctor. The values we operate by have over the years created the rock-solid identity of Proctor as a dependable support to your business/ professional needs in the areas of executive search and end-to-end HR solutions.