DESI FLAVOUR : Hyundai replaces Korean executives with Indians

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Chennai: Hyundai Motor India has kicked off a major restructuring drive that will see the company replace expatriate Koreans with Indian executives in key decision making roles over the next 24 months. As part of the drive, the company has just replaced two Korean zonal sales heads with Indian executives, created fresh positions to be filled by Indians retaining only one Korean expat for the southern zone.
    Says Sanjay Pillai, vice president HR, HMI: “Right now 89% of all department heads in HMI are Indian and the target is to hit 100% by 2014. The departments report into groups and right now 90% group heads are Indian. The target is to hit 100% by 2014.”
    As part of the restructuring, HMI has added extra sales zones to its existing four zones—namely north, south, east and west. The newly created central zone will be headed by Pankaj Tiwari and Anurag Singh will head the north zone. Anish Agarwal will head the Lucknow region. All these were earlier headed by US Kim. The west zone will be headed by Ajay Raghuvanshi who will take over from JW Lee. There’s also a new position created for Jaipur which is yet to be filled up. All zonal heads are critical positions in the senior general manager and general manager level in charge of sales in the designated markets. Traditionally all four zones used to be manned by Korean expats.
    “This is part of a drive within the company to empower Indian executives,” says Pillai. “We are consciously working towards having Indians in key decision making roles. From a headquarter point of view, the global management is clear that host country nationals should manage the show in mature operations and since HMI is one of the oldest and more successful overseas investments by the parent, this drive has kicked off here.”