India needs to create 15 million jobs annually: Sam Pitroda

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NEW DELHI: India needs to create 15 million jobs every year, National Innovation Council Chairman Sam Pitroda said today.

"We have about 550 million youths under 25 years of age and considering these we also need to create 15 million jobs annually," Pitroda said at a Ficci event on next generation entrepreneurs here.

Pitroda, who is also the adviser to the Prime Minister on public information infrastructure and innovations, added there is an urgent need to step up the entrepreneurial spirit in the country, especially among the youth.

"We need to re-create the entrepreneurial vigour so that we can ensure those 15 million jobs every year because if we do not have entrepreneurs, innovation will be difficult," he said.

He further added the country needs to focus on the bottom of the pyramid and create its own model that is affordable, sustainable and scalable.

"India has a tremendous growth potential and using innovations propelled by infrastructure, information technology and inclusive growth, we can ensure that development reaches to the lowest rung in the society," he said.

He added that there is a need for skill development and entrepreneurship and governance reforms which need to be addressed to regain the growth trajectory of the country and the economy.

Pitroda said that it is necessary to develop a culture of innovations and to achieve this we need to encourage youths to come forward as entrepreneurs.